Tenants want to put in their own fridge, stove. What do I tell them?

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I'm a new small-time landlord in L.A. One of my tenants wants to swap out the fridge and stove that came with the unit for his own. 

If he swaps them out, what the heck am I supposed to do with my own equipment? I'd rather not have my equipment swapped out. Can I just say, no? What's the best way to handle this?

Thanks for your suggestions!!

Be happy since now you don't have to worry about them calling you about them breaking down. Pull your stuff and save it to put in the next property.  Put it in your storage building with all your repair equipment and supplies.  You have one right? 

Tenants want to put in their own fridge, stove. What do I tell them?

    Thank you  : )

I'd charge a nominal moving fee and move my stuff to my landlord storage building where I keep all my stuff gathered for properties owned and let them wear out their stuff, not mine, but the rent wouldn't change! Won't take but an hour to move them out and back in.

What, you're a landlord and you don't have space to keep stuff to repair your property or to keep things for the business?

That's kind of like trying to run a taxi cab business with a Miata.

You may have lost a good tenant because you're not prepared to be in the housing business. Every landlord needs at least a junk/storage room somewhere. :)

@Lee L.   well one option is to allow the tenants to store your appliances (the ones they don't want to use) in the garage, assuming the unit has a garage.  That is, if you don't have anywhere to keep them yourself.

Sell your fridge and stove on craigslist or call an used furniture dealer.


@Paul Ewing  @Bill Gulley  Agreed. I should  let them use their own equipment if possible, which would be great, since I wouldn't really be responsible for repairing their stuff. And you guys guessed right. I don't have space to store this stuff. I guess I'll either find a way to store it or sell on craigslist. 

I dont agree with most of these responses. If the expectation in the market is to supply appliances (like for my Bay Area rentals), I need to keep appliances in the house for the next tenant. And no, I am not going to pay for an expensive storage facility plus moving costs to keep old appliances. I certainly dont have a warehouse or large pick up truck either! OTOH, in my Indiana rentals, the norm is not to provide appliances so of course I dont. Less to fix as everyone says. Having said that, my San Jose tenants have brought in another fridge and I guess they are using it as a secondary fridge. I'm okay with that since they pay electric! 

You may want to oversee the moving in and moving out of appliances. It is not uncommon for damage to occur at such times to flooring and door jambs. Also, make sure the tenant's appliances are installed correctly to prevent problems, especially if it is a natural gas stove or the refrigerator has an automatic ice maker which uses a water line.

Remove your appliances and let them use their own.  One less thing you have to worry about.

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