Anyone in the Charlotte, NC area (University area specifically) that can help?

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Looking to find someone who lives in the university area of Charlotte who can do something for me. I am in need of someone who can post a 10 day notice for me on a property I own and have been self-managing from afar. The property is in the neighborhood next to Reedy Creek Park. 

Ideally I am looking to connect with a property manager type who can assist me with this minor task, though the person does not need to be a PM. The tenant will likely comply and pay his rent once the notice is posted, I just need to post it in the event he does not decide to pay up. More than likely though the notice will just serve notice to him that I mean business and will not tolerate any late rent. 

please PM me if you live close by and can assist. We can discuss more details from there. 

Hi there any particular reason you want the notice posted on the house? You could just send the notice through the mail to the tenant (I usually send via email as well as snail mail). Just a suggestion. Thanks. 

Just quicker/easier to have someone post it for me than to go to the post office and send the letter certified mail. I will send via email as well but also want it posted on the front door. I have found it to be more impactful when people find a note taped to their door.

Okay I am going to try this again as my first attempt failed miserably.

I am looking for someone in Charlotte who lives close to Reedy Creek Park who can assist me with a small task. I just need someone who can print a one page document and tape it to the door of one of my properties. The neighborhood is directly next to the park so this would be ideal for someone who lives very close.

I really need it to be done TOMORROW, as time is money literally in this case....

Please, if you can't realistically do it tomorrow don't tell me you can so I can find someone who can.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated and will not go unrecognized.

Please PM me if you live close by and have time tomorrow with access to a printer.

Hey Brandon,

I'm just reading this so I hope I'm not too late. I could post the letter for you on Wednesday at the earliest. Tomorrow may present a window, but I doubt it. Let me know if you need me to do so. 

[email protected] is the best method of contact. 

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