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Hi all i have a couple question about renting my house:

  • I just give a tour to a couple who show interest in my house, however i only ask them for email/phone and name.
  • I don't have a rental application yet, however i plan to use I plan to use my card to run the application, how should i approach asking for the application fee. Do i need to give them any receipt for the application fee, or just ask for it that verbally tell them that it's non refundable. 
  • If i use do i really need a written application at all? Thanks

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I've never used, let me know how it goes if you end up using it.  We always ask tenants to pay an application fee before we pay for screening.  We email them confirmation of payment as their receipt, just so they have something documented. If they don't make the payment for the application I think it shows they aren't really that serious. 

Really good overall guide to renting your house here on BP if you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend:

Do you all have a good biggerpockets rental application template?

This is on all of our ads. $40 cash application fee per adult we look credit and background no prior evictions or felonies no exceptions. 

Never had serious renter balk at the application fee. Our application is 5 pages long 2 pages are just getting permission to run credit and background check.

@Vannak Kann  , you can have the tenant pay the credit/application fee via the smartmove website.  This will take care of the receipt as well.  I use a separate application than the one  offered via smartmove.  

@Vannak Kann  shoot me a pm or an email and I can send you a rental application, then use a tenant screening service like myrental. com.

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