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Hi guys,

I've been checking out the site for a few weeks now, and had hoped that my first post wouldn't have to be quite so crazy:

I closed on a fourplex on December 29th, 2014, it is now January 15th, 2015. I am currently in Florence, Italy visiting my sister (first vacation in two years), and I got a call about an hour ago from the Austin police that they did a no-knock raid on three of the four units and that the doors now need to be barred up. They would not give me any other information. I've already called a contractor out there to fix the doors, but there's not too much more I can do until I get back to the States and check it out. 

I'm assuming I'll still have to go through normal eviction proceedings even if my tenants are in jail, correct? I also have a section 8 tenant; does anyone know if the government will continue to pay his rent, even if he's in jail? If not, how does the eviction process work there?

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Any advice as to how I can deal with this proactively while in another country?


Jacob Pereira

Sorry for your troubles. I hope you got a copy of the leases when you purchased, but even so if you didnt get January rent they're in violation of any lease. Google "crossland tenant eviction" for a veteran pm describing the eviction process. I cant imagine section 8 being any different if they did not pay rent, the full rent, but I would think the HUD site has info on that. Hopefully family will come and get their stuff.

A follow-up on this; 

It turns out it was a drug raid, and APD didn't know which unit it was in, so they decided to bust down 3 of the doors. 4-5 people arrested, including my Section 8 tenant, but all my other units' tenants are still there and still plan on paying rent at their regular scheduled times. A fellow BiggerPockets member has helped me out and has called a handyman out to get the doors fixed, although they can't come out until Monday. it will be well over $1000 by the time I get all the doors and windows fixed. Does anyone know if I have any recourse with APD, or will I just have to pay for their mistakes?

I believe you might have some recourse, for the damages to the units that were not involved.  You would have to file a claim with the APD, you would have to contact them as to what their process is for that.  Some places require you get 3 repair quotes, and they will pay upto the average.

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