Rental kitchen FAUCETS,,,best quality & prices??? GR MICHIGAN

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any suggestion what brand to buy for Rental kitchen FAUCETS???  Thanks

Habitat stores.  Not the showroom, but the back warehouse area.  Just clean them off and you're good to go.  I've gotten them brand new still in the box for a couple of bucks.

I like Costco.  Grouch faucet for 7o w lifetime warrenty

Moen faucet, with replaceable cartridge.  Basically a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Sorry, I see you asked for prices.  It has been a couple of years; they were more expensive than other options.

Some factors to consider.... two handle vs. single handle, with sprayer vs. without, top brands vs. off brands, and style. Also, talk to your favorite plumber and see what he/she recommends. The professionals are the ones who know the most about durability and ease of repair. 

Our plumber looks for faucets with brass or copper, which is harder to find these days. Well you can still find it, but it is higher priced than it used to be. He likes faucets with brass and copper because they are nice and solid and the connections are soldered. He says Delta is easy to work with because the parts are readily available; likes Moen and BrassCraft products too.  Laws now prohibit using lead in making brass, so the newer brass is more brittle than the older brass, but still way more durable than the plastic used in many faucets. He says he can tell by the weight if the faucet has brass covered by chrome or mostly plastic parts. 

@Joe Villeneuve  is right about the values you can find at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Also, some folks take out the good solid faucets of yesteryear to replace them with the ones that are more stylish, and donate their used ones. The used ones often have many years left of useful life, brass parts, and can be easier to repair. But beware when your'e buying a used faucet not to be buying someone else's lemon.

As a real estate investor, when staying at hotels, do you find yourself naturally drawn to examine the plumbing fixtures and other products/materials used by the hotel industry? I do, whether in the U.S. or traveling abroad.  I take note of the products installed in the Assisted Living Facility where my mother lives as well. I'm on a first name basis with the facilities maintenance manager there and we are often swapping tips on materials and upkeep. I find commercial grade products are often the best choice for use in residential rental property, more durable and dependable.

thank you all very very much

Moen offer lifetime guarantees on cartridges and other parts. Home Depot keep the spares in inventory, at least they do here in Canada, and they give them to you for free when you need them. I would not use any other brand, they are more expensive given they do not come with this level of service.

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