Need previous tenant SSN

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Hi everyone,

I live near Birmingham, AL and my rental is also in Alabama.  I used the BiggerPockets tenant screening service for a previous tenant, and it has since expired-so I cannot access my prior tenant's reports.  I have a tenant that I had to evict, I got her out, got a garnishment against her for back rent and damages, but when the garnishment was served (she works for the State of Alabama) the State of Alabama controller sent a letter stating that I had to provide the tenant's SSN to verify her employment.  

Well, I don't have it.  So what is the best way to get it?  Do I have to call an attorney? Any other suggestions?


Perhaps a private detective can help. 

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act limits what private information you can access. i believe since you have a legitimate collection need you can get this information. I suspect collection attorneys can get access to this info. 

I would call the tenant screening company. And see if you can pay them to look it up for a small fee. This is where I would start. Were you able to evict without there socal?

Your also learning a valuable lesson on record keeping. Make sure every tenant has a file and it has everything in it. 

Thank you!  Someone I know in the business was able to get the SSN for me.  I did try the service, they absolutely will not provide the SSN. Going Forward, I will make sure I have it...  Whew!  

I had the same problem. My father lost the copy of one of his tenants SSN and he needed it. Went to and they got the correct one. Amazing website. Can find many different things. 

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