NY Tenant disappeared with most belongings left behind

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I had a tenant here in New York who disappeared early last February without a trace and left almost all her belongings behind.  I could not reach her, and eventually her phone got disconnected.  About a month later, in early March, I reported her missing to the local police.  I have a strong suspicion she is dead.  She often traveled via hitchhiking.  I still have all her belongings stored away in a few boxes.  How long is long enough to wait to dispose of her belongings?  NY laws just seem to indicate waiting a "reasonable" amount of time.  I think a year, especially given her risky behavior and the strong likelihood that she's dead, is more than enough.  Thoughts?

I evicted a tenant and she left everything. I was told 30 days but I kept it in there for 60 days. Might be worth it to keep the stuff in storage until you figure it all out. A year seems like overkill. I am assuming you evicted her?

I misread your post. I think you should be ok. What did your LT lawyer say?

Originally posted by @Les Jean-Pierre :

I misread your post. I think you should be ok. What did your LT lawyer say?

 Exactly.  You MUST get legal advice from an attorney.

Has she been officially declared dead? Next of kin? Did you collect emergency contact information when she moved in? Did she have a support system of family and friends? In our state, it could be considered abandonment and there are clear guidelines we would follow for storing tenant belongings. We would have been able to dispose of the belongings after 45 days. But this is such an unusual situation, I too would run it by an attorney. 

Wow, not only has the tenant disappeared without a trace but also the member who made the original post has disappeared without a trace. There seems to be a pattern here!

Perhaps the folks who moderate these forums should contact the FBI. This could be the work of a serial killer!!!

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