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I have a no pet policy.  I have someone who has a note from their doctor that they need their dog for medical reasons.  Depression, etc.  In Michigan, can I still say no pets?

It is my understanding that this is a Fair Housing violation and If I am not mistaken this is on a national level. What I would suggest is to go online or get some certified paperwork showing that the animal is registered.

If that is the case then I do not think you can turn them down.

Do you really want to be known as the landlord that turns down service dogs in your community?


I just spoke to my business partner who is the President of NARPM Houston chapter. 

This is what he advised me.

It's actually illegal to request and require the verification or validity of a rental applicant's service animal necessity. Many managers still request it however a service animal is identical to a wheel chair and law strictly prohibits the enforcement of verification. (no pet deposits are allowed either) Therapy dogs on the other hand are not service animals and thus you can request a doctors verification for the animal.

This is usually a shock to most home owners who are adamant about no-pet policies.

You can have a no pet policy, but you cannot have a blanket policy prohibiting "service animals" and/or "emotional support animals".  It would be a Fair Housing violation. 

Here's some good reading on the topic: Animals & the Fair Housing Act

There are also plenty of other threads here on BP on this exact topic.  Here's one of the more recent ones:

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