On site lock boxes with temporary codes

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I thought I have searched BP right but I can't seem to find any discussion about Keyboxes. I've been thinking about putting a keybox at each property for the use of locked out tenants and service workers. I was thinking I would want one to be satellite controlled so I can set temporary codes for the Contractors. I would also like to use this idea at a future vacation rental. Any one use a system like this? I have also searched Google but not really finding anything other than door keypads with one code options.

Would you want a lockbox hanging on your residence? Anyone with bad intentions who recognizes what a lockbox is will know that with a decent size hammer they can break it open and get a key. If someone breaks in that way I could see that a tenant might have good grounds for holding you responsible for allowing such easy access.

Put an electronic lock on your front doors. You can program in a bunch of codes. Then the tenants can never lock themselves out. As far as contractors, I give my trusted guys a code that they always have. For anyone that I don't know, they just have to go when someone is there to let them in.

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The lock boxes are not too secure. You can videos on YouTube that show how to pick some of them. We will use them temporarily for contractors but not long term. As far tenants, they are charged for lockouts.

To prevent lockouts we only use a key deadbolt and a regular passage door handle so they must use their key to lock the deadbolt on the door. We've only had a couple of times in the last two years that someone was locked out and it was because they lost their keys.

I have key code locks on some of my rentals "amazing". Love them! We put them on all of our personals, so when they turn into rentals they are still they. Our tenants love them too!

That being said, I don't offer lock out services. I manage from across the country and can't provide that service!  Honestly having the tenants be responsible has not been an issue! I also have my tenants meet the service people. So that helps out in those two cases! 

we keep lockboxes in during rehabs and vacancies.  

It sounds to me like you are looking for something like sentrilock with is the electronic lockbox agents use.  It has been strength testing and recommend by the association.  

Thanks everyone. I do agree with some of the concerns shared. I will look into the Sentrilock system that Brie Schmidt speaks of. I really like the idea of the deadbolt only idea that several of you spoke about. I dont have to many lockouts. But I do have tenants that work very odd schedules (I'm in a town with a couple Auto Manufactures) So tenants are not always home and I have to meet my guys there to unlock. I don't have any on-staff workers so I don't hand out any copies of my keys!  

Thanks again

$200 at Lowes for an electronic deadbolt from Kwikset that you can control from your smartphone. That way you never have to worry about a tenant losing their key and you can also unlock the door for a maintenance guy to get in and do a repair.