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Hello Everyone,

I have a 1925 duplex in the Norfolk area . I am having a tough time finding decent landlord liability insurance.  Got a quote today for $3,000 with a named storm deductible of $19,500 from one company.  I can put a nice roof on it for way less than 19K.

Does anyone have a suggestion of who I might use?



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Parts of Norfolk can get very pricey as most companies won't cover them.  Try Ashleigh and Associates also.

@Scott Trefethen  

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I always use Foremost insurance. They are owned by Farmers. I do not know if they are out there in Oregon but they are the easiest insurance company I have ever dealt with in regards to rental properties.

I have clients who use other providers & they sometimes can be a huge pain.

Good morning Everyone. Wow! that's the power of BP. Instant response times.  Thanks to Grant, Sean and James. I will call these companies this morning. Kind Regards; Scott


Thanks for all your responses!  It was tricky to get coverage as our house is across the street from the water and most companies don't want to work with possible flood zone units. I have chosen to go with a local agent who was able to put together a decent package for me.  Cheers to all those who read and responded to my post.


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