Where to list a rental for college students

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I am looking for suggestions for listing a rental to attract college students. I usually post on Postlets which goes to various other sites, but I am looking for sites geared towards the college kids. Any ideas?

@Rob Donovan  

With some of my investment areas having colleges nearby, I do contact the near Universities. In doing so, they normally have a link on their edu website that is geared for off-campus / on campus student housing. They charge me $xx.xx for a 3 month or 6 month advertising fee. 

Most students looking for rentals access the university website to see what is available as it sources nearby housing. 

See what it takes for you to advertise your units on their website if they are within the universities proximity guidelines! 

We have 3 smaller Universities in town. I was told the one this particular unit is close to does not list off campus housing. Seems they want to keep all the business to themselves. I will check into it though. Thanks for the input.

When my sister was looking for housing while going to grad school, she looked on craigslist & the university housing website. She found her rental from the craigslist ad. The campus site wasn't updated & had few choices.

@Rob Donovan  I tell my student tenants its $100 cash for each accepted referral, they do my marketing and its worked great. We rent by the room as well. I also tell them that if place is clean when moveout the deposit is returned at walkthru in cash ( I carry so I dont worry about robbery, and yes for you folks I practice and have range membership). I shouldn't tempt fate but we just haven't had any issues worth complaining about maybe a carpet stain but that happens at my own house with my kids. 

Many colleges have bulletin boards all around. Put up some flyers.

Originally posted by @James Wise :

Many colleges have bulletin boards all around. Put up some flyers.

This has worked for us too... especially the graduate school bulletin boards. These tend to attract a higher caliber of student, more responsible and less into partying. The medical school and law school students have been good tenants for us. Can usually get a longer term tenancy if the graduate program takes a few years to complete.

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