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I've noticed trends in my market seem to have shifted.  Craigslist was the primary source of leads and applications last summer.  Zillow would produce a lot of emails, but not much in actual real traffic.  My current rental listing is getting 99% of real traffic through Zillow and hardly anything through craigslist.  I started asking the "younger generation" at work where they search for rentals and overwhelmingly it was Zillow.  Anyone else noticing this change, or is it just an anomaly?   I still post twice a day on Craigslist (it gets buried if you don't), but the zero work Zillow ad seems to be producing better leads.

No you're right. In fact Trulia works as well. Youngsters do appreciate the new tools and ease of use of mobile apps these sites have.

Also note tha fact that Zillow has been on an acquisition spree and grabbed every important listings site such as Postlets, Hotpads and now Trulia merger.

These sites alone were the massive source to posting on craigs (not directly but by generating the copy-paste) code. Honesty, Im sure Zillow would love to cut the post to craigs ability and slowly face it out. Not to make politics here but that's what it is :)

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I think it also depends on what portion of the market you are looking at.  It still seems that apartments/condos are listed more on CL, but for houses/THs I think that zillow generates more interest.

I switched over from CL and found the new sites dominate!  It has smoothed out the marketing and leasing greatly.  Been getting great results.  Just went to a PM seminar put on by one of the dominate PM SW's all about mobile and the milenials and being online in their play book.