solid waste tax or garbage tax. do you pass this cost on to your renters?

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I have sat down and looked over my past year. 

And I notice that my taxes in one particular county are pretty high.

the reality is that its not just the taxes it is the solid waste bill.

which is really a garbage or sanitation tax.

it breaks down to approximately 100.00 a month for the house 

since it is a duplex.  it is about 50 per apartment

i have been paying this cost.

do you consider this bill your responsibility or the tenants responsibility.

and if you do consider it the tenants responsibility how do you pass on this cost. 

did you advertise a base rent without the solid waste then informed them when they showed up to sign the lease agreement

or did you factor in the sanitation tax and increase your rent accordingly?

i am realizing that I must increase my rent. because I am losing quite a bit due to this extra tax.

just looking for how others have handled this. bill.

Wow, that seems excessive. In my area it is roughly $300 per year, so we build that into the rent since it works out to roughly $25 a month. In some towns near me, we can hire a private hauler and there is no fee to pay the gov't then; maybe you should check into that because I would expect a private hauler to give a better rate than what you are paying the gov't. 

it is definitely a bill and then some

i wasnt charging my tenants this extra amount.

but i realize i am not doing my self a favor by covering this cost on my own. 

so i am certainly going to start to add this to rent 

i am just not sure how to do it.

as an added line item amount.  or just raise the rent. 

with the explanation that it is covering their solidwaste expense.

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