Application Scenario, How Do You Handle This?

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Took an application on a SFR from a single person this morning. I tell them I need an application filled out by each adult. Applicant told me it was just her. Facebook shows me she just got married in the last two months. She hasn't lied to me since I didn't ask marital status, but I would be shocked if the husband didn't move in too.

What would BP do?  Ask for the husband to fill out an app?  Deny?  If so, on what grounds?

You said per adult not if you are married, there is the difference.  I would call her and tell her that you saw she has just married is the husband not going to be living with you? And absolutely state that all adults must be on the lease. 

Nancy Neville

If the Facebook info is true, assume she is going to lie to you.  There will be other applicants. 

I would be willing to bet that the husband has a criminal record or really bad credit and she doesn't want his background checked. I would do as @Account Closed  said and call and ask her if her husband will be living with her. 

Michelle L. said exactly what I'm thinking.  

Print out the Facebook page before you confront her about it in case she decides to make it private.  My application specifies any intentionally false information is immediate grounds for disqualification.  You don't just forget you are married.  

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This may sound corny, but if you are in a strong rental market I would pass on her because honesty has to count for something, doesn't it?

Liar now, liar later.

Thanks for the input everyone!  Great to have people to bounce stuff like this off of.  I denied the application based on more than one factor, but not due to marital status.  The search for a tenant continues!  I think I've turned down almost 20 applications on this house...