rents with tennants paying own heat and utiliys

2 Replies

What is standard in your area/type of property? 

In my area tenants paying for utilities for rental houses is expected. Landlords paying utilities for a 1bedroom under mid-level apartment is expected. 

Yes, having the opposite party paying utilities changes rent. 

In my experience (for my single-family homes and duplexes) including utilities (and charging a higher rent) is not cost-effective, due to cost of collecting and tenant waste.  

You just need to know the area and comps. Our competition does not include utilities. There is even a ceiling in market rents. So if you include rents in your price and adjust accordingly you won't get anyone to look at your house. if you include at the same price and don't adjust you have unnecessarily eaten into your profits along with adding the extra potential for headache! 

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