Rent Documents to sign for Texas house

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Hello, is there a place at the forum where I can find examples of your documents you sign with the tenant? Specifically for TX 

here is the list I have created what needs to be done before you hand them the house keys (and after the tenant has passed your screening)

  • Sign lease agreement
  • Sign Inventory and Condition form – Property Inspection Sheet
  • Sign Pet Agreement (if applicable)
  • Sign Renters Insurance required form
  • Collect First month rent is DUE on Move in Date  Money order or cashiers check
  • Refundable Deposit is due on Move in Date – Money order or cashiers check
  • Pet Deposit is due on Move in Date. Pets may be accepted or declined at the owners’ discretion. A refundable pet fee of $300 plus $25 per month pet rent is required per pet (maximum of two) and to be paid in full prior to move-in. - Money order or cashiers check

Am I missing anything?

thank you!

Refundable depsoit is due AT lease signing. Never accept a lease with the money and vice versa! Skin in the game is VERY important :) That is for ANY state.

the Texas Real Estate Commision has forms that used in the state, Hattie Dizmond can point you to the website where you can print off the forms or Google TREC Forms.

we use the the standard TREC forms then we have about 8 pages of addendums. If you message me and send me your email I would be happy to share with you. 

I think this is it

@Steve Rozenberg hey Steve, I'm new to RE investing and am in the option period of my first deal. It's a duplex and I'm hoping to live in one side and rent out the other. I have been searching sample rental agreements to use for my first property.  Would you mind sharing your rental lease agreement with me? 

Hi @Denita Ozenne ~

Not sure if this applies to the agreement @Steve Rozenberg or not, but just a heads-up that the TAR form in Section 33 AGREEMENT OF PARTIES has the following item G:

  1. Copyright: If an active REALTOR® member of the Texas Association of REALTORS® or an active member of the State Bar of Texas does not negotiate this lease as a party or for one of the parties, either as a party’s broker or attorney, this lease is voidable at will by Tenant.

Of course, if you are an agent or an attorney you are OK.  

@Cindy Meyer Thank you, I just need a sample agreement as a guide and I will adjust accordingly. I do plan to have an attorney look over and finalize my lease agreement before I have any tenants sign. But that heads up was definitely appreciated. Im actually actively working towards my RE license so hopefully it won't be a problem in a couple months :)

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