The Most Landlord Friendly States

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@Peter MacKercher @Paul Winka

I have properties in Ferguson and Webster Groves.  I don't have any issues with the areas.  Even with the riots, i consider Ferguson a decent city.  The problem I have with both are the cities themselves.  In my opinion corrupt, and looking to soak the big bad evil landlord.

@Jason Miller I'm also curious what kind of problems you've had with Webster Groves as a landlord.

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@Jason Miller

I undestand what you mean by "targeting" people, landlords among them. Florissant Road is notorious as a speed trap with Ferguson Police, and it's even worse with Calverton Park. Go 36 in a 35, and you will know what I mean. 

If investing in St Louis again, Webster Groves would be at the top of list for places to consider scouring for a buy and hold.

So would you buy either property again, knowing what you know now? Do you have property managers taking care of them?

Is Southern Illinois a bad place to purchase properties?

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