Looking to expand my rental portfolio into Houston. Have some questions.

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I've been working in the Conroe, TX area for over a year now, I live in and own rentals in AZ. I'm hoping to get some feedback on investing in TX. It's seems like a no brainer to invest in the Gulf Coast right now. How are the landlord laws? How long does a typical eviction take? Where are the majority of rentals marketed? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.



From what I understand, Texas is a Landlord state, I only operate in Texas so hard for me to compare, but if a tenant is not paying rent, it is easy to evict.  

If you follow, the steps, for the eviction process, it can be within a couple of weeks, but also depends on the court, I've been scheduled almost 4 weeks out before.

Most rentals are marketed on the MLS, HAR.com has a great consumer side.

Why do you say the Gulf Coast is a no brainer? I would think insurance premiums would be a killer there. 

@Casey Miles  

Hey Casey, 

Houston is definitely more landlord-friendly than some other states, CA being an prime example of one. 

I don't know the specifics on how long it takes to evict a tenant, but I do know it is a fairly straight forward process. 

There are a lot of rentals in North Houston. The Woodlands, Spring, & Conroe are the main cities that seem to have the most demand from renters (I'm a realtor working these areas). 

Contrary to what you might think, the rentals in Conroe & Spring lease out much quicker than The Woodlands. There is just so much competition in The Woodlands. 

Conroe is a very hot area as well. Anything under $900 rents out within 1-2 weeks no problem. For the most part the quality of tenants are good as well. A lot of people are moving out of the The Woodlands due to all the traffic & moving North.

Hi Casey,

Texas is considered more landlord-friendly than some other states. If you're trying to evict someone for non-payment of rent, the process is pretty straight-forward and uncomplicated. I've never heard of anyone spending months trying to evict someone for non-payment of rent. 

But Texas also has some strong tenant protection laws, especially regarding the return of security deposits.

The Woodlands/Conroe is obviously a very hot area, and will only get hotter as Exxon/Mobil finishes their new campus in the Woodlands. And the Howard Hughes Company has acquired land north of Conroe and is planning a second Woodlands-style master planned community. That's way down the road obviously.

The downside is:

1) Property taxes are high. Areas of rapidly increasing property values can really do a number on your investment. Rental properties do not enjoy the 10% appraisal cap as do homesteads.

2) Insurance can be problematic and expensive, especially if there have been any claims in the last three years on your property.

3) We have a lot of flood zones and I always encourage people to check the flood zone maps before they put an offer on a property. A lot of people will disagree with me on that point. That's just my opinion.

Anyway, that's my two cent's worth. If you ever want to explore investing in the city be sure to get in touch. I'll be glad to help you out.

Good luck!

Originally posted by @Sharon Tzib :

Why do you say the Gulf Coast is a no brainer? I would think insurance premiums would be a killer there. 

 I have definitely read of potentially high insurance and I know the taxes are high. For me it's a "no brainer" from the market growth potential, I've read that the area expects roughly 10% per year for the next three years, the area has a good medium income, and a high rental vs ownership ratio. 

Hello @Casey Miles  ,

I have a couple income properties in Houston. Please feel free to PM if you need additional information or any help with.


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