Looking to expand my rental portfolio into Houston. Have some questions.

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I've been working in the Conroe, TX area for over a year now, I live in and own rentals in AZ. I'm hoping to get some feedback on investing in TX. It's seems like a no brainer to invest in the Gulf Coast right now. How are the landlord laws? How long does a typical eviction take? Where are the majority of rentals marketed? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.



hi Casey

We have owned both sf and MF homes all over HOUSTON and currently manage over 400 homes here in Houston. 

I you would like to message me I would be happy to talk with you and give you my perspective on where the best place to invest in Houston and why.

Having first degree friends with boots on the ground hunting down investments in Houston, I'm sad to say: you're late. Everyone snapped all they could off the market in past months and now they're waiting to see how oil jobs (or loss of) will affect the local market.

I only do owner finance in my TX city, so no landlording. But I can tell you that the foreclosure process is quick and simple. When it rarely happens, we have the house back in 60 days, and do 5k down 900 a month again. 

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