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My tenants moved out early and left some property behind.  Per CA law, I have to send them an abandoned property notice and wait 18 days before I can dispose of it.  Well, I sent them this notice with a list of property, and mailed it on Feb 5 - with tracking.  Well, . .   the post office has yet to deliver it - according to the tracking info, it has been all over southern california.  I had to use my property address as the tenants did not leave a forwarding address.  So, I guess it's in limbo until the PO figures out where to send it.  I'm sure the tenants left a forwarding address, so . . .  what now?  Property worth < $700 - the 'magic number' in CA. 

the 18 days I have to wait (from the date of 'mailing' - Feb 5) is coming up soon (Feb 23).  As the tenants have not received the official copy yet . .  do I have to wait . . .   I'm pretty sure the law says '18 days from date of mailing' - (paraphrased) - regardless of when they get it.  Now I did email them an unsigned copy with note on Feb 8 when I saw that the letter was in limbo.  Am I covered?

Thanks in advance


so cal

I would wait if you don't want to wait take the items and store them for a month. That should cover you. 

Those outfits that are typically characterized as providing free legal aid for tenants are really supposed to be neutral and work to find a resolution that works for both of you. While I know you can't reach your former tenants, you may consider getting some free legal advice from them, in writing, as to what to do. I did this once years ago when it was obvious I was correct and the result was time and economically efficient. They may be a bit baffled at first that the landlord is calling!

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