Lease Extension in North New Jersey

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HI  My friends

I am looking for advice

Here is the situation:

I rented out a house and lease   ends on March 31/15

Tenant not sure if he is going to renew lease  because maybe he relocates out of State

He asked me to go on month to month until he actual moves ( it is his 1st year in the house)

In this city is very hard to rent out  a house from September to March ,therefore is not good for me this month to month proposal ( i would agree with him if he stayed a couple of years or more)

I wanted to offer him  a new annual lease ( exactly as we have it) with a clause that the tennat may move by 5/30/15 and the lease comes to an end, however if tenant stays beyond that date he has showed that he elected to stay in the house and lease will end at 3/31/16

is this correct? any problems? or what is a better solutions?

thank a lot

It's your lease, so you get to do whatever term you want as long as there are not state level limitations that dictate otherwise. Or you could tell him you will go month to month for 3 months, after which you will require a new year lease.

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