Low GPF Toilets, are they worth it

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Regarding any class apartment where the owner is likely responsible for water/sewer. Do feel the lower, 1.28gpf or less toilets are worth putting in even if you don't currently need a replacement. I've had plumbers tell me that they will usually increase water consumption because multiple flushes are needed or they hold the lever to allow extra water to run during the flush.
What's your thoughts?

No, unless water is really expensive and you can do it yourself.  Typically, about 10 cents per 1000 gallons where I live so it would take a lot of water saved to pay for the toilet, installation, etc.  Also, the point about two flushes is true.  Instead, why don't you talk to the local authority about individually metering your units and get out of the water business altogether.  :)

@Scott Miller hit that one on the head - metering is much more effective, for a similar or less cost per unit, leaks and heavy usage are easy to detect and will be more beneficial in cost savings. Even without the local water providers involvement you can hire out sub-metering privately, have the readings delivered to you via the interwebs and see where the water is going. 

Depending on the number of units there may be opportunities for rebates or even free toleits.

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