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Hey everyone, so does anyone in Austin tx have a really solid lease they like to use? Maybe point me in the right direction and maybe a good recommendation for an application? I want to get all of my paper work together and put a packet together. I'm In the process of getting my second rental and want to do it right this time. The last one worked out but it was just some forms I picked up at the office depot. Thanks

You can find a copy of the TAR lease online to use as a has a provision in it that states that the lease is invalid if not used by a member., but it is a good guideline for drafting your own lease.   I think the Steve Crossland property mgmt blog has a sample of the TAR lease he uses,...with the blanks filled in... so you can see what terms the pros use...late fees etc.  If I ever get my act together I am going to put together a short list of guidelines for tenants (rules)...but anything important needs to be on the lease.  

Tip:  My daughter's apartment manager basically read the lease to her when she signed it.  I always emailed a copy of the lease to tenants prior to move-in so they were prepared to sign, Boom.  But now I am going to read alot of it aloud at signing to be sure the lease is read....never occured to me to read it aloud.

TAR is used by licensed agents and brokers. TAA (Texas Apartment Association) is the second most used lease. I believe you can join TAA for a reasonable price and gain access to their contracts. 

I use the TAA lease and you do have to join them to get access to the lease and addenda. I don't remember what the cost was to join, but it is fairly reasonable. 

I second Marian about reading the lease to the tenants. It's long so I don't read the entire thing, but I do read the really important bits and I highlight them.  

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