New way of scam?

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I have two rental properties, recently, I had to put both on the market for rent. I put on zillow and craigslist first without agent's help. I'm not sure if it is just me or this is something common nowadays.

I got reply, a lady's email saying she really want to see this property and would like meet me at my property. Then, I googled her phone number and it turned out to be an escort lady's phone number. For both case, same thing happened. Two different escort ladies. I am a little baffled here. Is this a new way to scam? I sure hasn't called them back yet, and I replied one email and no reply thereafter. Therefore, I don't believe it is the lady who sent me the inquiry.

So, I guess this is the begining of new type of scam? Does any of you encounter this type of problem? Who on the earth has so much time to do something like this?

Thank you for reading my post.

Have not heard about anything like that.

It may not be a scam, escorts need to live somewhere to.

Welcome to BP.

Craigslist is a great website, however it's known for trouble as well. I suspect it be more Craigslist vs Zillow here.

Hope it helps.

If the deposit is paid mostly in $1's they might have some part-time income on the side...  Wash your hands after taking the money.

good move on ur part by googling the phone# from the get go.

in shopping for properties on clist i've had numerous pranksters who text on and on about their property and even set up appointment to show it, only to text that they are busy can't answer the call but to make sure i'm at the right address because they dont see anyone outside.

they go on to ask what type of car you're driving and to describe the property and condition, but never answer the phone which is pretty much a hallmark of a CList prank although it could be worst and there was one gal who finally answered and just wanted to talk on and on and avoid the fact that i was at the right address and she was pranking me.

i can imagine there are escorts looking to use properties transiently for their transactions though. but who knows. 

i share in your sentiment and wonder regarding who in the world has so much time on their hands to send people on wild goose chases. obviously they get off on it and/or it may be that they are practicing to commit crime on individuals they lure out the addresses (whether it is their address they are offering, or an address they are interested in meeting at to inspect).

but yea, googling the number helps alot good luck and stay safe

Lol...   Escort Ladies need a place to live too.   Who knows..   Scams are everywhere.   Just don't wire any funds to Nigeria!

I don't disrespect any escort lady who choose her career as escort. I'm just wondering if she asks for seeing the property, and why wouldn't reply my email??? That's a big question mark for me.

I can't say I know a lot about how the escort business works, but I imagine they have separate work and personal numbers.  My guess is it's a prank.  A reply email = no reply back and prank failed.  You call the number and have an awkward conversation with an escort who thinks you've got some weird landlord/tenant fantasy = prank successful.  My best guess anyway.

so have u tried calling her? maybe she's busy escorting and away from email. but not herphone.

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