tenant refused inspection

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This is a new one that I have just experienced. The tenant refused to allow an inspection. I never had an issue with doing inspections on prior tenants. Do you folks all do inspections during the lease? I suppose if they did cause damage, there is not much I could do about it until they left. Hopefully, the security deposit would cover the repairs. 


is there any mention of inspections in your lease?

Here is what I have in mine:

9. Inspection/Entry: Owner may enter and inspect the Premises, during business hours and upon reasonable notice to Renter.

check your lease and see what it says

I never did inspections....the reason being that if I saw how a tenant actually lived I would evict them.  Therefore, I'd never have tenants.  What I would do, is check everything out as the tenants call us to do repairs.  Either my husband and I saw the home ourselves, or our handyman would report back the way the tenants were living.  

A tenant CANNOT REFUSE an inspection.  However, according to your state law, you must give them ample notice.  Normally a 24 hour notice that you plan to do an inspection that day and therefore you are notifying them in case they want to be there.  You must notify them (or give this notice) to them in writing.

If a tenant then changed the locks and still refused my entry, I sent them a Notice to Quit terminating their tenancy with us for a Lease Violation.  (You must have all this in writing in the Lease Agreement in order for it to hold up in court)

Nancy Neville

@David H.  

I agree with @Devin E.   Incorporate this into your lease agreement. OR better still, insist that you must check the carbon monoxide/ smoke detector  yourself periodically, that way, you could just call the tenant on your way to the house ans that is the only way to know exactly how they live.

Good luck!

If you are doing the inspections it is critical an adult is present in the unit and that you have another person there with you for the inspection.

If any claims by the tenant were ever levied you then have a witness for court.

thanks for the advice. I am thinking also that inspecting a property will make me too want to evict the tenant after seeing how they live ;) 

Anyway, inspections are written into the lease. I guess as you rent to more and more folks you will eventually have tenant issues including evictions. 


Just curious how this went down.  Does your lease give a time frame for notice of entry? If so, did you you properly notice the tenant (24 or 48 hours or whatever).  The entry notice isn't a request, but rather a notice that you WILL be entering.  Did the tenant actually stand at the door and refuse your entry after proper notice?

I just did the inspection. I am not sure what all the drama was about. There is an English basement that the tenant refused me to go into. I had a 10 day notice that I prepared just in case and told her I would give it to her if she did not let me see the basement. She told me that the only way I could look was if there was a police officer. So I called the police, they were none too pleased to come out.  Anyway I looked and no big deal. Let's hope she moves out when the lease is up.

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