Do you verify employment when renewing lease?

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Hello - just wondering if anyone verifies employment / income when renewing a lease? 

I don't normally but after the last tenant that left I will probably start.  I know that when my mom was in section 8 housing she had to bring proof of income every year.

@Holly Prokop  why do you ask? Did you just get burned by a tenant at lease renewal?

When renting I've never been asked to show proof of employment once I've signed the initial lease. If you're getting paid regularly and the tenant had a job when she started with the previous lease I'm not sure it matters.

@Holly Prokop  

I was a LL for 15yrs and I always asked for proof of employment. They should have at least 3 times the rent in income and be working at the same place for at least 2 years. Some LL may require 3 or more.

If the tenant in question has always paid on time then why bother checking their current employment?

thanks to all for the input.  

I have not had any bad experiences to speak of.  I'm just wondering how others address it at renewal and why.

If they've been paying on time I don't really bother with it. If they've been shakey then I might consider

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