Who designed this laundry room?? pic added

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I have a tenant moved into my first rental property. I knew the outdoor laundry room was small, but had no idea it was this bad. She called me and said her machines don't fit. Trust me we tried turning in every direction. 

I don't know how previous owners put machines in here!  You can't even use stackables the way water pipe and dryer plug is placed. I'm hoping the wall can be extended out, although that takes away from bedroom.

FYI The garage was converted to bedroom and this utility closet was added in back. I will try to upload survey.

option 1 use stackables, u can with minor mod

option 2 big mod

@MONICA WATSON  Yep, just what Account Closed said. Everything is Figureaoutable.

I wasn't able to see pic in your post.

Because that dryer exhaust is so high on the wall, I'm going to guess that some stackable unit was in there. You just have to measure the space and see which stackables have dimensions that allow for a fit in that space (and pick a unit that is smaller by quite a bit to allow for doors on the machines to open).

Thanks @Steve Babiak  I was wondering what they did. The water pipes are located up front where the washer is now, it is odd! The other problem is those are her machines, as I did not provide them in the rental. I had know idea that space was that small. I'm was thinking that the wall could be taken back some from master bed. It may be cheaper to just provide the machines, I'm assuming?

Those look like relatively new machines, too bad. The water being there might be to allow for easier connection, or because it might be a challenge to put the water pipes elsewhere (because on slab).

@MONICA WATSON  Perhaps you can provide a plumber to modify the water connections and drain, and she can get a new stackable set. You rented the unit to her with laundry "hook-ups", so I don't think that you should purchase a stackable for the unit, just make the hook-ups workable. Moving a wall, especially since she is already moved in, is a big deal.

Thanks for you input @Beth L.  The problem is that no matter where the plumbing is there is no way two machines can fit. You would not be able to open the doors. Trust me I I tried.

so yea i agree opening the wall up (into a bedroom?) with tenant already in unit could get complicated.

i'd get a bid on relocating the pipes to the back and shop around for a stackable and see if its in my budget. 

if not, i'd likely sell the existing separate units to get closer to the budget and get this layout issue resolved instead of let it continue to be a daunting challenge.

good luck, looking forward to see how this is resolved.

It looks like the room was designed for stackables. You may want to just have those installed so future tenants (and you) don't have this same headache. Though I recommend having the tenant pay for the water if your area allows it.

Account Closed Yes, she pays her own water bill! I will provide the unit in order to keep down confusion since her units do not fit.

@MONICA WATSON  it looks like the doors will open if a stackable unit is there, right where the dryer is now.

Also, another option is that you can get smaller, apartment size, stackables for small spaces. Like this one. It is only 24 in. wide.


Hope it works out for you!

When you have this kind of space you have to provide the stackable to fit it because most people wont be able to make it work with their own machines.  We have a space that is not as small as this but the furnace is in the room so we had to do stackables.   The other option I think is going to cost more however if you have a huge bedroom you are backing into it might be worth it  longterm.  The machine doors may never open very well. Make sure you will be able to get it open enough to empty the lint catcher?

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