Help! Sent a signed lease to a prospective out of state tenant... she hasn't returned it! Now what?

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Out of state couple contact me. Corporate transfer to my state. They see the house on CL. Send their best friends in the whole world to check it out. Friends love it. The prospective tenants say they want it. I email an application and tell them we want $3750. for first months rent and security deposit. She says "no problem" They emai back the application. I email them a lease She looks at it. Says it looks fine. My husband emailed them a signed lease and asked them to sign and send back with a check for $3750. It has been 5 days and I haven't heard a word. Left a voicemail message this morning asking them to let us know if/when they will be mailing the lease/check. If we don't hear anything can we send them an email and cancel the lease? They aren't supposed to move in until April 1. 

Did you do backgrounds check on them before sending them the signed lease? I might be wrong but I wouldn't have sent them a signed lease. I would have sent them the lease with an expiration date when it would  become void if not received by the due date. Once I recieved the signed lease then I would have sign it and then sent them a copy. Try contacting there friend that came over to see the house. Give them till the end of the week. They may have gotten cold feet.

I prefer to have face to face dialogue with the future tenants then blindly go into a lease agreement with someone I never met. It's just me. Good Luck.

@Wendy Brown

 My suggestion is never sign a lease without all funds in cashiers checks or certified funds first.  At this point I would give them a call and let them know that if you do not hear from them you will be finding another tenant.  Hope everything works out.

Several times we've had potential tenants not show up to sign the lease with our contractor (we live out of state). We do not send them a signed lease; I email them an unsigned lease and we discuss it over the phone to make sure they are clear on the expectations. They will then meet my contractor, who has a copy that I've electronically signed. They sign it, he initials it, and collects the security deposit (money order or certified check only). 

Because these are condos, the association requires that they approve the tenant, so the tenant needs to bring the original signed lease to the management company with their application packet. The management company will then keep a copy and mail me the original.

My other rule is that I only show the rental to the person who will be living there. No friends or relatives. There is no point in wasting time and expense having my contractor show a unit to someone that will not be signing the lease or paying the rent. No third party viewings. No good has ever come of that.

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