Pest control frequency in Central Florida

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I was wondering about the frequency of pest control service in central

Florida. We currently have a company visiting units once in 2 months. They just

spray for pests inside and perimeter of the units. They are also charging me in

case the tenant is not available to let them in.

Can this be 2 times a year or earlier if requested by tenant. I also do not

want to pay in the tenant is not available . How are you handling this. Please

share your thoughts.


@Anna Sam we have a vacation rental home in Clermont, so the situation may be a little different, but our property manager arranges for a similar service quarterly (spray inside and outside perimeter) and this is done between guests. Also, once a year we go down and spend a few weeks inspecting and repairing the property. At that time we meet with a company and have them do an annual service where all switch and outlet plates are removed and granules put in, they pull back the appliances and drop granules, treat the hinges of the kitchen cabinets and also do a perimeter spray.

This really works! I can say that I have never seem a live bug in the house.

Perhaps you or the PM should arrange to meet the pest company, so no charges are incurred.

I have SFR properties and I do the initial pest control which is good for 6 months. Aftewards it's up to the tenants to continue the pest control or hire a professional. I leave the home pest free for the tenants. I have it worded in the lease.

At initial it should be quarterly. After a year depends on pest control companies agreement, it might be half yearly or yearly.

I provide a one time extermination service for new tenants. After 30 days we require the tenants to maintain the services if needed. I put a clause in my lease giving the new tenant 10 days to initiate a service call. I talk to the company and see if there are any other issues and/or suggestions to help keep the properties pest free. If the tenants are clean and don't hoard, etc there should not be a lot of issues. I do ask my lawn company to put out ant killer if needed.

It is quite weird! I strongly suggest you to change your pest control services. You know I use best Termite inspection Port Macquarie for controlling pests in my home and lawn. They provide me good discount too.

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