toilet runs for 6 hours, floods garage

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I just had a toilet run for about 6 hours (tenant was gone) that happened to clog, came home to water dripping in the garage which is directly under the bathroom.  We started drying out the area right away.  

I'm not sure the damage is more than the $1000 deductible on insurance policy would be, so I'm hesitant to call since from what I've read even talking about a claim can raise your insurance rates at renewal.  

Do folks typically just fix small things like this and save insurance for the bigger ticket items - or just file claims on any damage repairs?  Any insight would be helpful!  Thanks.

We had this happen in our own home, but it did more damage than it seems you have. If it is just a matter of drying things out, and the cost will be close to the deductible, you may want to just handle it yourself. 

I hate water.

I agree with Scott, in fact, unless your insurance provider is more customer friendly than most of the ones that I have to deal with for clients, even if it's double, it's probably better to handle it your self. You didn't mention if the garage had drywall. If so, the cavities behind it will hold moisture long enough to allow mold to form. When I'm dealing with flood repairs the two most valuable tools are a very good moisture tester which costs around $300, and the big blue dehumidifiers that HD rents. The moisture meter tells me exactly where the wet areas are, which then need to have the sheet rock removed. This is usually a relatively confined area near the source of the flooding. The dehumidifier(s) suck out gallons of water, and in this situation, faster is better. The process usually takes two or three days during which you monitor your progress with the moisture meter and an inexpensive humidistat.

Let me know if you need more information. I've done a number of floods.



I would seek out a local Public Insurance Adjuster, This way you can get an opinion from an insurance claims expert and not have to notify your insurance company that anything is even going on. As a Public Insurance Adjuster all my inspections and reviews are always free for any customer here in Ohio. With out more knowledge and pictures of the damage it is hard to say if it will be more than $1000. You can always go get several estimate for the repairs to give you an idea of the costs. You do not have to file the claim right away as long as you have taken precautionary measures so the damage does not continue to increase.

John you mentioned the toilet clogged. How could it clog if the tenant was gone??

If this is actually a wastewater line issue then the water coming down could have waste in it. If that's the case that is different than just a regular water leak for clean up.

Most people have high deductible's for insurance. So if insurance is only covering a few hundred after deductible it generally is not worth it. If you make an insurance claim it makes a history on the CLUE report for your property and yourself for the future. Also when contractors hear insurance claim they jack up the rates they charge for the job. Kind of like doctor's charge really high to see what amount health insurance will cover. 

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