"Who Takes the Ice Cube Trays Out of the Freezer?" - What's the Craziest Thing a Tenant did on a Move-Out

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For me it was stealing a toilet. They left most of their belongings in the apartment unit, but the toilet was missing when I did my inspection. I honestly have no idea why someone would take only a toilet from an apartment unit and nothing else.

Anyways what is the craziest thing you saw or ran into upon a move out. Pictures encouraged :)

Here is the picture I took for proof.

Just recently a tenant took all the hardware off the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. Maybe not that crazy, but I've never seen anyone do that before. 

A tenant of ours cracked window pane. Instead of telling us about it, he took the whole window out to take it in to get the glass replaced. It wasn't back by move-out day, so we had to deduct $500 from his security deposit until the window was put back in. We refunded the $500 after all was well again. We remind our tenants if something breaks, and it will, tell us about it. We can often get it fixed or replaced for a lot less money than it would cost them to do it themselves. Besides, with us doing it, instead of the tenant, it reduces the chance of something going wrong.

Did you get that quote from "True Lies"?

Originally posted by @Andrey Y. :

Did you get that quote from "True Lies"?

 Yup :)

Not a perfect quote from the movie, but a clean version of it.

We frequently have to replace the knobs on cadet heaters, and we always wonder why.

I have never heard of a tenant taking a toilet when they leave!

Originally posted by @Dawn A. :

I have never heard of a tenant taking a toilet when they leave!

 My question is why would someone take a toilet when they leave?

Originally posted by @Phillip Syrios :
Originally posted by @Dawn Anastasi:

I have never heard of a tenant taking a toilet when they leave!

 My question is why would someone take a toilet when they leave?

 Perhaps wherever they were moving to next didn't have one?

They thought they had to supply the toilet like you have to supply the stove/fridge?

They found a black market for used toilets and needed to sell it to pay the security deposit on their new place?

They wanted to take the kitchen sink but couldn't figure out how to unhook it?

Hopefully the security deposit covered the cost of the toilet!

Used one of our walls for BB target practice.  The place was pristine otherwise.  Not even dust in the corners.

They left the toilet.

    Had one who took fence and gates, both toilets , kitchen and bath sinks and hot water tank.

He had bought a stripped trailer and needed a few things 

@Phillip Syrios

My assumption is the BB infested wall was a result of party at some point during the last month they were there.  No real clue why they did it.  It was a good excuse to pull down the ruined lathe and replace with sheetrock.  Also pleasant that they paid for it :)

I think we returned about $30 to each tenant from the security deposit.  Didn't hear a peep from them.

@Phillip Syrios  The fence was chain link,  he actually dug out some of the posts set in concrete.

      His father made me a fair offer for damages /theft  : )  his boy was slow ,couldn't pass a driving test had to get rides or use a bike  he received a gov check each month and did odd jobs 

     Spring is in the air a time for gardening and sprucing up the front yard

This year I plan on being the envy of the neighborhood

 So it's time to go steal some  toilets  

they make marvelous planters!

Years ago, when I was a kid watching my dad run his trailer park, he had a tenant he wished had stolen the toilet.  Dude was getting evicted and took it upon himself to quit flushing the toilet.  Dad had to go in with a shovel...

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