Part of the fence blew over - tenant wants it replaced

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There is a chain link fence in perfect condition between the yards, but the wooden fence blew over a few months ago. It's my fault for keeping that terribly built fence. It's on the side of the yard, about 30 ft - from the garage to the chain link gate. I cleaned it up and two posts are sticking up.

The house next door is empty, but the tenant wants a new fence. I got a few quotes and they were over $1k for just 30 ft. Should i replace it?

it's a B area with an A type tenant paying over $1,100 per month.

It's probably in your best interest to properly fix it at some point, the question is do you want to make this tenant happy now or postpone to suit yourself?

I have an old fence up at one of our rentals.

I have a clause that both lessee & lessor initial that states if/when that fence decides to finally fall down, I have the option to repair, replace, and/or remove.  I'm leaning towards removal :)

So is there currently a functional fence?  I am assuming there are two fences in between properties one chain link and one wooden which has fallen.  If one is functioning as designed there is no need to install another one.  You can notify tenant that you were just waiting until it fell apart to remove it but it is not needed.  If you choose to replace it try to find the neighboring homeowner and split the cost.  I just had a fence replaced last week in which I split the cost with neighbor.  This allowed me to upgrade to an 8ft privacy.  Tenants are extremely pleased with this.  Prices are a bit extreme but that just may be your area.  In my area I would pay about $600 for a 6' cedar with steel post. 

good replies, thank you. 

the original fence is chain link and still there. it's in perfect condition. the previous owner of the house had installed an illegal, terrible fence that is in a 2 ft of dirt area between the driveway and the fence. the posts are not in cement, the spacing was not right, just bad. 

I still have to check with the city to see if that's even a "legal" place to install a fence since i thought there needs to be 1 ft of space between the property line fence and any other fences.

i wish i had a clause like that, @Steve M. ! thats smart thinking.

I bend backwards for our tenants. I am repairing a basement leak there this week which will be around $400. 

I would remove the remaining posts from the old wood fence. Two fences along the same stretch are not necessary. If the tenant wants privacy, consider installing fence slats in the chain link fence.

I would get a new fence guy.  That much fencing should only cost $500 MAX.

Even if you have to pay $1,000...its still worth doing it if you want to attract an A tenant again.

Just my opinion, but it's not unreasonable for the tenant to expect if they rented a house with a privacy fence, that there would be a privacy fence for the duration of the time they were renting.  Likewise, I would expect a leak to be fixed too.

The suggestion to add slats to the chain link fence is good if that is on your property.

I also think adding slats to the chain fence is a good idea. $1000 seems steep.

I can see is the slats WI be enough but I think she cares about the height since she can now see the lot next to her.  she came from an enormous yard in the country so a 4 ft high chain link fence is not cutting it. 

I called the city and they said I need to stay 2 ft from the chain link fence.  or 6 inches high.  I don't have 2 ft,  wish they didn't tell me about the height.. 

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