Need a plumber in the Portland OR area

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Help! We have a plumbing problem and we are getting some pretty big numbers from the companies we have reached out to.  Can anyone let me know if this sounds legitimate or if we might be able to get some plumbing work done more cheaply (while still being quality work) in the Portland, OR area?  We were quoted $130 for the first half hour and then $130 for each additional hour.  Does this sound like the norm or are these numbers outrageous?

What kind of work ?  it depends on the scope of work

$130-150 for the first hour is typical. I usually pay $90-100 per hour after that. For emergency repairs expect more. If you use the same plumber consistently I find that $150 for the first hour goes away fairly quickly. Good luck.

seems high , try these guys they are fairly affordable as I've used them for several jobs. just say a contractor recommended them. They work in PDX

Canby Plumbing Inc

Jay- we have TERRIBLE pressure in our shower but the rest of the house is fine.  Seems like there could be a lot of trouble shooting involved and it could be quite time consuming, which is scary at those rates.  Issac- thank you for letting me know these figures aren't absurd.   Steve- thank you for the contact!  I will reach out to Chuck and see what he quotes.  I appreciate all of you responding to my post. I love BP! :) Such a useful forum. 

@Brandy Anderson , I've used this guy on my personal residence several times, he's very good and reasonably priced.

Eric Falk - 503-320-9766

Good luck.

Thank you so much Randy! I will call him tomorrow. 

So the question is, is the pressure bad on the hot and the cold? Or just one side?
Is it just a shower or a tub/shower?
If it's both sides then it could be the cartridge in the handle(s), or the shower head is gunked up. If it's one side then it's the cartridge ( or something stuck in the cartridge).

Mike-It seems to be bad all around (hot and cold). It is a shower/tub combo. We actually replaced the whole unit from the tub up: new surround, drywall and replaced the galvanized piping with PEX when we bought the place- and the problem didn't improve. 

Theres the magic word "Galvanized".

I have done several remodels where I have replaced the galvanized, unfortunately there is always some left somewhere in the system. When working with galvanized (especially if its old) it will always kick a lot of junk back through the system at some point and clog something, somewhere.

I would almost guarantee that the stem is gunked up with old galvanized junk.

Turn off the water, drain the pressure off at the sinks, and pull the stem.

Clean the stem really well and make sure there is no junk stuck in the back of the shower valve as well. You might even have someone just crack the water back on (a little, ONLY a little. LOL) just to blow out the lines into the tub. Pretty easy to do. If you don't care to do it yourself, hire a plumber and watch him do it. Then you will know how

Almost forgot.

Soak the showerhead in vinegar overnight as well. Im sure some of the stuff made its way there to.

Wow, Mike.  You are really thoughtful to put so much information in your response.  Thank you so much.  I will most likely end up paying someone because I am afraid I would mess something up.  I am really nervous it is going to mean re-doing the plumbing throughout the whole house.  Will keep you guys posted on the developments. 

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