Is there a market?

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I am from central PA, my wife and I have been going down to Florida the last couple of years. I was curious if anyone on hear was in the rental business in somewhat central Florida. In the areas around Kissimmee roughly down to Tampa. I have been looking at some homes but I have no idea what the rent you could charge for a comparable home? And if it would be profitable to do since there would have to be a property manager involved. Any input would be appreciated! 

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Trent Fisher

Trent, I just replied to your other post but yes central florida is a great area. In Kissimmee you can buy a 3/2 SFR for under $100k and expect to rent it out anywhere from $900-$1400 depending on the are. I currently have 1 in kissimmee I can shoot your way and you can see what I'm talking about.

Hey Trent,

Check out .....don't take their numbers as gospel, but a good gauge for what you can get in rent.

If hiring a property manager is going to make the deal NOT make sense...then it's probably not a deal.

@Trent Fisher

Hi Trent. Get in touch with my colleague Rick C. He also lives in PA and has rental property in Tampa. He might be able to help you out!

Thank you all for your response. I look forward to talking with you guys more. Christian, with your property in Kissimmee do you use a property manager for that?

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