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Hey guys,

Just curious how many of you have a quarterly Pestcontrol service? Or do you only deal with it when there is an issue? I currently use a service its 90 a quarter, I figured they would let know if there was a termite or carpenter ant issue or house keeping issue. But I am rethinking it trying to cut costs. Any thoughts would be great.

@James L.

I do not hire a pest control firm to do general pest control services. I leave that on my tenants. In my contracts I so spell out pest management techniques that must be adhered to regarding sanitation and etc. and if they do not I can actually charge them if there is say a rodent problem and it is because they leave garbage outside a garbage can blah blah blah. I do however perform a 1x a year wood destroying insect/organism inspection 1 x a year to maintain the warranty there-of. I always accompany the inspector as this also allows me access to the property just to make sure my tenants are on the up and up...This also lets me check to see if there is anything I should repair to prevent issues down the road (leaky pipes and etc) 

My daughter paid for a  monthly service in CA, and figured it was more cost-effective, because if there was a need for a special treatment (ants are bad in that area), any special treatments were free - for people with the monthly service.

I was remembering when we moved into a place with roach problem years ago how difficult it was getting rid of them. My thought was it maybe cheaper and easier to be proactive. And yeah @ sue kelly, we have ants around here and I've called and at no extra charge the come out. The only thing they will charge extra for is rodents. Talk about expensive to deal with.

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