Wet dog Smell (NOT URINE OR MOLD)

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This is a new one on me.   I have a vacant house which has a serious wet dog smell, it is definitely not a urine smell.  I have had several people including the carpet cleaner, my handyman, my realtor, and potential tenants tell me it smells like wet dogs.  Much of the house has been repainted and the carpet has been cleaned twice with a deodorizer put down each time.  However, the smell still remains.  Normally, wet dog smells don't linger and when they do cleaning the carpet and/or painting the walls takes care of it.  

Obviously, I could spend a couple of grand and replace the carpet and pad which would get rid of the problem unless it is in the sub flooring, but I don't want to spend the money unnecessarily.  Also, I have some great applicants who want to move in right away and no they are not being evicted from their current place.  Since it will probably take me several days to line up new carpet or pad only replacement I may lose these applicants.  

Options as I see them.

1) do nothing and hope the smell goes away on its own or I find a tenant without an olfactory sense.

2)  Replace the carpet and pad (hopefully I won't have to put Kilz on the subflooring also). 

3) possibly replace the pad only.

4) Get the carpet cleaned for the third time (for free).

Any other suggestions? 


Hi yes there is a product that will help with that. Someone suggested it to me. I'm at work now but I have it written down at home. I just heard about it this w/e. I just wanted to post this before I forget. Please remind me. ;)

Odor Xit  (We purchased it in Concentrate.  64 fluid oz.  www.odorxit.com

Follow the directions to a "T", if using the concentrated bottle.  (I'm looking at it now on my desk as I type and I am allergic to perfume and odors, but this stuff smells pretty pleasant.  No harmful smells to take your breath away.  

Eliminates persistent Odors, skunk smells, you name it. 

Often tempted to use it on my husband after he worked on a rental.  (just sayin  :0 )

Nancy Neville

Odoban worked for me on dog urine.  Maybe it will work for that as well.  

I bought a used pick up , and it had the same smell . Shampooed the interior 2 times , still had it . I sprayed an entire can of lysol  in it , still there .  I ended up using some orange citrus cleaner it worked .  But you could smell the orange stuff for a week 

I replaced the carpet with vinyl flooring through out and the odor disappeared.  It then rented very quickly.  Carpet and pets don't mix. 

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