house rigged to explode ? in the news today

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I'm pretty sure who ever owns that house Wins the worst tenant award.

Question of the day 

Would that make You quit being a landlord ?

I don't know, I love a good challenge.

Absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing!

sorry for the duplicate post, can't delete

And they poured cement down the drains. WOW! They were really upset about leaving!

Probably a result of poor screening!

I've heard of people pouring cement in toilets and drains. It was even on one of those flipping shows on TV. I've never heard of anyone rigging a house to explode. That is really scary. Thank goodness the electrician caught it before someone was killed. 

Hey does anybody know what happened with this case? 

This story hit in March 2015 and the house was sold in May 2015 for $445k. Now it is in foreclosure. I wonder if the current foreclosure is related to the vandalism?  

I'm also curious if they caught the tenants that set the bomb. Anybody know? 

Wouldn't make me quit being a landlord, but that is quite hard-core. 

I won't automatically say they are the worst tenants ever. Maybe the landlord was a horrible slumlord. The cement in the drains suggests the property owner did something to really piss off the tenants. There are landlords out there just as bad as any tenant. (not that I'm excusing any of this)

Notice how the article does not explain anything of the landlord/tenant situation. Seems sensationalized like most news stories...

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