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I have a property I have been renting for 1 year and 3 months to the same tenant. She sent me an email the other day that the fridge smells bad. She says she has taken every shelf and drawer out, numerous times, to clean them and clean the inside of the fridge. She writes: "The odor emanating from the fridge is horrendous. Every time I open the door to the fridge, the stench is overwhelming. I have multiple boxes and Bowles of baking soda throughout the fridge."

I asked her when did she notice the odor. She said about two months ago.

I know that I have to solve this problem. We tried some home remedy: blowing cinnamon oil with a hair dryer, but it doesn’t seem to help.

The one described here is a 7-year old stainless steel GE Profile series. I really don’t want to buy a new fridge.

Basically, I’d like to see what you think how I should handle this situation and if you have any experience successfully eliminating presistent odor from a fridge.

Thanks for your input!

Make sure you don't have a dead mouse in the unit somewhere....could take it outside and power wash it and bleach it....could try a couple bags of charcoal....use the coal for a barbeque if it doesnt work.

I had the same problem. Turns out it was a tub of old cream cheese. Just kept taking it out to clean the fridge and putting it right back in! Check all food before putting it back in!

Thanks @George Helms. It's coming from inside the fridge for sure, as you can smell the odor only after the fridge door is open. So do you think a mouse could get in the fridge and it can, wouldn't it be refrigerated? :)

I have heard about charcoal, but not sure if that would help. I'll give it a try...

Thanks @Tim Jones. I was there, but I didn't check the food in the fridge. I'll ask the tenant to do it and I'll check when I'm there next time, but I'd say it's probably something else.

Check the freezer?  Most units circulate air from freezer into refrigerator compartment.  I would imagine some bad smells could survive the lower temperatures.  Also, something may have seeped past interior panels onto coils or some other less than obvious location which gets pumped back in.

Thanks @Matthew Bosetti . I opened the freezer. There was no smell coming from there, but I'll check all the food in the freezer as well. 

Originally posted by @Matthew Bosetti:

Also, something may have seeped past interior panels onto coils or some other less than obvious location which gets pumped back in.

 Thanks, good luck to me finding this :)

I ended up calling an appliance repair pro. He told me it's most likely a mouse as @George Helms suggested. I'll keep you guys updated.

i'd offered to buy all new food but after throwing everything out of it. this way you know it's not something she keeps putting back.

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