Recessed lighting

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The condo I own has a ton of recessed lighting. The bulbs don't last long and are expensive to replace. Who's responsibility is it to replace them? Mine or the tenants? I didn't reference them in the lease.

We generally operate on the premise that it's the tenant's responsibility to replace things that they are using.  (Think oil changes & break work on a leased vehicle.)  However, if the recessed lights are above a standard 8' ceiling height, we will actually install the light bulb, if they provide it.

What I've done is replace each bulb as it goes out with an LED bulb. They are more expensive but trust me you will never have to replace them again for a long long time.
Not to mention they use hardly any energy to run and don't produce heat. It's just a win win.

We provide light bulbs for our tenants and it is in our rental agreement that we do. Here is the clause about it from our property rules.

"LIGHTBULBS: When replacing light bulbs, Tenant agrees to not use any light bulb that is more that 60 watts.  Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs) are allowed up to the equivalent of 60 watts.  Use only light bulbs that are appropriate for the fixture.  In appliances, use only appliance light bulbs (small 40 watt bulbs designed for use in ovens, stove hoods and refrigerators).  Some fixtures require specialty bulbs.  Light bulbs are available from Landlord at no extra charge.  Using the wrong type of light bulb in a fixture can pose a fire hazard and/or damage the fixture."

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