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When I was up in the attic of one of my houses I saw water dripping below the screws used to hold the satellite dish.  Do any of you have restrictions on dishes?  In my experience installers do not care if they put holes in roofs, nice wood floors etc.  

Not an outright restriction per se, but the lease does require the tenant to clear any construction or contractors through us.  when we do the initial walk through with them, we usually ask their plans, and if they plan on satellite, we let them know our preference (e.g. pole mount in yard).  We are also clear that any damage resulting from installation on the house directly will be their responsibility.

Has anyone else had leakage issues like this?  The roof has slats instead of sheets of plywood. 

I've had issues with leaks caused by poor satellite dish installation. So now, I have a specific restriction: No dish on the roof. There are other places where the dish can be installed effectively.

A very big clause in my Lease Agreements.  NO DISH ALLOWED ON THE ROOF!

They are instructed that it can be put on a pole behind the house or beside the house as long as it is not attached to the house or is an eye sore. 

That if a dish installed on the roof that the tenant will be responsible for repairing the roof when they leave after the dish has been removed. 

And I hold them to it!

I am amazed when I look around a neighborhood and see several dishes on a roof.  Even new build homes.  You never want to put holes in the roof for any reason.  

Nancy Neville

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