Are students a protected class?

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I live in Pennsylvania and just refurbished a home. It's near Penn State and I don't want students in there partying and damaging the property (because that is why I had to refurbish it!). I'm wondering if I can ask my property manager if they can not accept applications from students. 

Aaron, that is a local law question for a State College PA real estate attorney. Sutdents can be a protected class but not everywhere.  Google an attorney in that area and ask that question directly. 

My first question is why did you invest so far away?  There are more houses than you could ever need in Allegheny county. 

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Aaron, I don't know if students are a protected class, but you can have rules in place that would probably eliminate the vast majority of students from consideration.  

Such as, first off don't allow co-signers.  Most students don't have full-time jobs and don't earn enough money to qualify for properties that require income minimums.  Speaking of which, if you don't use income minimums, immediately institute 3X or 4X income requirements.

Having the income requirement coupled with the no co-signers policy should eliminate most students from qualifying for your rental.  And if a student is working full-time at a job that meets your income requirement AND is taking college classes, she probably doesn't have any time left for partying. 

Good luck.

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