Tenants complains about slamming doors

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I owe a 3 unit building where I live in the basement and rent the other 2 units. I just got a message from the tenant who lives on the top floor complaining about the child in the middle slamming doors. Both tenants have been ideal and tenant did say its a "minor" complaint. However, I don't want this to escalate. I have heard the slamming of the doors, but it doesnt really bother me. The doors the tenant is talking about are the closets doors mostly. What should I do? Are there any products out there that I can install so closets/doors cannot be slammed? Should I just ask the middle floor tenant to not slam the doors?


What an excellent response Mark.  Thank you for sharing!

Nancy Neville

We had to put a commercial closer on a common door for just this reason. The sooner the better to address the situation.   However I think Mike has it all covered in his link.  We also have auto closing hinges on some doors and they seem to stop slamming.

I would just put weather stripping on the door jamb where the side of the door hits the jamb.

Since it is a sliding door and a closet, it doesn't matter if it latches closed.

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