Existing Section 8 House for Sale

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If a someone is sell a property that is currently listed as section 8, will the new owner be able to continue renting as section 8 or will they need to start the process over?



Are you asking about purchasing a house with a tenant in it that is on Section 8? You would have to go to the Section 8 office in your city/county and sign up as a landlord and sign a new rental agreement with the tenant. Maybe clarify the question if I misinterpreted?

If you buy a house with a Section 8 tenant and that tenant is still in the lease, you inherit the lease.  Check over the lease as to the timeframe you have to give if you wish to non-renew in the future.  It might be 30 or 60 days.  You may find that you want to keep the tenants.

Your inherited tenant will be able to stay until at least the end of their current lease, unless you notify them and have them move out.  You have to fill out some paperwork with the housing authority (at the very least, a direct deposit form :D ), but the list of reason why you wouldn't be able to have them as a tenant is REALLY short.

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