Do you have a specific Airbnb clause in your lease?

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Just curious.

The only clause in my standard lease is the use of the premises is "for residential purposes" only.  I always discuss this with tenants during lease signing that basically I don't want ANY business activities that could cause increases traffic and parking to the properties, or anything prohibited by my insurers.  So day care, hair cutting, massages, psychic palm reading etc...are not allowed, but if they are selling stuff through eBay and needs the UPS or Fedex trucks to come pick up twice a day I don't have a problem with it.

However with more and more people "subing" out rooms via Airbnb I wonder if I should add a clause in there specifically addressing it.

I know many people are doing it because I use Airbnb when travelling overseas, and I often read in the ads SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS saying " not go to the property directly so as to confuse neighbors or property management, meet me at the designated meeting location then I'll guild you to the location quietly..." I am thinking these are tenants LOL?

There is no reason not to have it. Even if its somewhat mentioned elsewhere its nice to be able to point to a specific and obvious portion of a lease to let people know something is not allowed.

You just need a "No Subletting" clause in your lease. I also have a "No Commercial Businesses" clause. Those two items should cover any Airbnb issues.

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