what to do with dirty tenan...?

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Hello thanks in advance. I have 4 rental properties in the Minneapolis area. I have a tenant right now that wants to renew the lease but I have some worries. I would like to hear your thoughts on this. I just had an inspection at the property and found it pretty dirty not trashed but dishes everywhere stacked dirty...just dont clean. Back door is trashed by a dog that is left outside to long . They don't really pay there utilities on time. But they pay the rent. Should I just talk to them about taking better care of the house. Or should I give them a notice that I will not be renewing there lease. Thanks

I would move on and get new tenants, we are in the prime time rental season.  Use renters warehouse to show and screen your new tenants, they will warranty the tenants and usually have your place re-leased in under 10 days.  It will be a lot less wear and tear on your unit.

I wish I could now but lease isn't up until august. Thanks for advice.  I will be screwing a little better this time. They really sold themselves in the beginning. They got me. At least I got first and last months rent in the beginning. Where are your properties in mn.

I would also move on, because they will do more damage over time. I had renters like that once, and along with being dirty, they got gum stuck in the dryer, nail polish in the carpet, damaged window treatments, burned plastic on the stove, etc. Long list.

Demand is strong right now. I would look for good tenants that are a better fit. You could tell them you are making some renovations, get them moved out, clean up the place and get it back on the market. I've found I get better renters - and they take care of the property more - if I make even simple updates and the place sparkles. 

That's why I am mad at myself I did make it sparkle. Do you have any ideas on how to get them out early. I think they are hiding another dog on me there was only supposed to be one. 

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