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So I know there have been many discussions about this, but they haven't been for almost a year so I am wondering what is your go-to credit check websites. Something that is a one time thing since I only have one property I don't want to be paying a monthly fee since ill only be doing this once this year. Thank you!

Smart Move from TransUnion.

No annual or monthly fees.

Does credit check, criminal background,  and eviction check for all 50 states. 

You can setup so that you pay per use and charge tenants application fees slightly higher and make a small profit,  Or set up so that the tenant pays the fee directly to the service and therefore it's free to you.  Either way it's charged on a per use basis. 

They even have a new feature where they will collect your rent and report to the credit bureau, for a fee of course.

The process is very quick. In your management back end you put your properties in.  Then put in your applicants email for whichever property they are applying for.  The system emails them a link to an online form, which they fill out basic information and put in their payment details.  You get a confirmation email in about 10 mins with very detailed credit report, criminal background and eviction checks for all 50 states.  It even offers a suggestion and summary on whether it is recommended that you rent to them.

Very good tool.  You can't beat it and it's free to you if you set it up where tenant pays directly to service. 

Hope that helps. 

I have added a Megan's law check to my requirements.  I recently rented to a pedophile unknowingly and the entire neighborhood had a fit.  I don't blame them.

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