List of evictions in process

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Does anyone know if you can get a list of evictions that are in process?  If so, do you know how you get that list?


in MA you can go to housing court and they post the list of cases in the lobby. I take a picture of the list with my phone. 

Our local rental association keeps a list of Unlawful Detainers that were filed, but it is printed on a month-to-month basis. If you want the most current information, contact your county courthouse.

However, the eviction process begins with the Pay Rent or Quit notice (or other such notice for cause) and becomes serious when papers are filed with the court. Contact the current landlord and see if they will share current information with you. Many do and many don't, but it's a good start.

@John Hixon , In CT, I can look up all court records online for free. I can see criminal cases and civil cases. I can see small claims, evictions, etc. You can search by case number or party name. 

For any state, just google " Your state Judicial branch case lookup" for example "Texas Judicial Branch case look up". I just did a quick search and found Dallas County online court records:

If the action has been filed in court, it will end up on an evictions database, and you can purchase an eviction report from any tenant credit check services.  I just Googled "most up to date eviction reports" and a bunch popped up.  These guys claim to be the best:

If you know the city or county where the person would be sued, you can probably just go to that courthouse's records online.

I'm looking for evection records that can give me the address of the dwelling. I'm looking to market to the owners.

Any ideas here? So far, I can only find eviction records that give me names of the parties.

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