Proactive Pest and Rodent Control

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I have a large multifamily and it is an older building.  As of late we have had several complaints with regards to rodents and pests.  We tented and fumigated the building  2 years ago and have changed pest control companies several times.  We patch all holes when we can and have terminix spray the unit each time but these are just REACTIVE measures.  We also constantly remind tenants to keep their spaces sanitary to avoid attracting rodents. 

Outside of fumigating and tenting the whole building, has anyone had similar experiences and taken any other measures to proactively manage pests?

Well, if you pay for regular pest control, they can't really cry that you aren't keeping a building that is "habitable."

I'd just hire a company that treats once a month. My daughter had a SFH in Salinas that she rented, and she hired a pest company to come spray every month.  Included in that service is free emergency treatment if there was ever an incident, like an ant invasion.

The monthly fee isn't that bad.  And if it includes any emergency issues, too, like my daughter's deal, it's worth it.

Rodents will be a problem if you're by a field, or if there is any new construction nearby.

#1. Pest Exclusion is the first thing you need to do. Thoroughly evaluate your buildings. Identify the points of entry the pests are using. Google to learn more about it.

#2. Cut back foliage from around the building where pests may harbor. 

#3. Make sure the ground is not up against the siding, regrade the dirt to expose about one foot of foundation.

#4. Remove attractants, such as food that is left out and uncovered garbage. Also, no standing water outside where insects can breed. That includes, old tires and ponds without running water.

#5. Educate tenants as to what type of pests are normal to see about the property, especially in springtime, and what pests you need them to tell you about right away.

Cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents... oh my! You must be extremely aggressive in identifying and eradicating these. Ants, termites, spiders, wasps/yellow jackets/hornets, slugs, snakes, moles, raccoons, etc.... know what is common in your area and learn best practices for dealing with them.

These are basics... of course. With multifamily properties, contracting with a qualified integrated pest management company will be key. Unfortunately, there are many rogue pest control companies out there. I recommend contacting your state pest management association to identify which companies are held in high esteem within the industry. Also, contact a university program in your area that can give you some advice specific to the type of pests you are likely to encounter. Good luck!

Pest and rat infestation is common everywhere. You should take the help of some professional pest exterminator for rodent removal and pest control against any other type of pest for a better solution to your problem.

This rodent give too much of trouble.If you want to get rid of them then the first thing is you need to maintain cleanliness,cover your food all the time and use pests controls.

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I had a thought come to mind. What type of trees of any surrounds the property. We had trees that attracted rodents. We brutally we got rid of them and the rodents too.

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