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I am trying to rent my first property should I get a new or used stove and refrigerator or leave no appliances, what about a dish washer, garage door opener, or garbage disposal.

Appliances can be a profit generator and a hassel all in one.  IF you don't mind the hassel factor, used appliance stores can be your best friend here.  Cut a deal that you will source with one if they take care of you and handle all the delivery/warranty matters.

Many tenants want the service of them so you will rent quicker if you provide the option.  Stay away from garbage disposals and pull them out first opportunity.  Dishwashers are not good either.  Washer dryers should be higher charge as well if done.  Avoid garage door openers or don't guarantee they work as they can be tricky.  Don't provide remote openers as you will likely never see them again.  Refer them to a good internet provider or Lowes to do themselves if desired.

Thank you all for the input.I will offer the appliances stove and refrigerator.I guess the hassle factor is what I was trying to avoid thinking to rent without any but paying the bills and not getting the house rented as quickly is the bigger goal here

As far as appliances, it depends on your market.  Look at the Craigslist ads and see if there's anyone renting without a fridge.  I do know of a landlord friend in Oakland, CA who does not provide refrigerators.  When I was young, it seems it was more common to rent a place that did not provide a fridge, but I would not rent a place without one.

Stoves have always been provided anywhere I know of.

I would not provide washers/dryers - but tenants will love having hookups.  No on the disposal - they get abused and cost you in plumbers coming out to clear drains.  Dishwashers use too much water and are another appliance to fix.  These, too, get abused by people who don't rinse food off the plates, pots and pans first, so they get clogged.

Don't buy new unless you are renting to really upscale tenants, or you get a great warranty with the new purchase, in my opinion.

Great question @WilliamFrantz I think it depends on the market that you are servicing, i.e. section 8 tenants, professional folks, etc. Section 8 will provide additional credits (cash), monthly for each amenity that you can provide, $20-40 monthly for a microwave etc. I love the coin-operated washer dyers for multi-units, kinda off-sets the cost of the water bill, that is if you are responsible for that. I would not offer coin laundry in a SFH.

However, the countervailing argument against providing amenities is that now they are written into the lease and thus the good'ole landlord is responsible for their maintenance(depending of state law and regulations).

I personally like providing amenities because I know what i'm putting into my units, it is a tax deductible expense, I can get them used for a decent cost and the ROI will be recouped in a fairly short amount of time.

I think it can just come down to personal preference.

I didn't even think about them as tax deductions thanks.

When it comes to buying new appliances (stove, microwave and frig) I buy them with extended warranties to avoid the repair headaches. Washer and Dryer its up to the tenants to buy them upon move in.

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