How to set up Electric Bill for New Tenant??

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Just curious,

I live in NY, so we deal with Con Edison. How do you Landlords set up a new tenant with the electricity bill?

Do you set it up? Do they call the company to say they will be receiving the bill now, etc?

When I rented out my upstairs of my 2 family home, I had to call Con Edison to tell them to shut off the electric on the 31st cuz a tenant would be moving in on the 1st.  

In one instance they didnt do it so I had to call a second time and reiterate the above, cause the new tenant was told service is already active in your apartment under the owner's name.

My tenant just called ConEd to take over the electric.

We have a different utility provider, but it is very common for the landlord to specify in the lease/rental agreement which party will be responsible for which utilities. For us, if the tenant will be paying the utility direct, the tenant will establish service in their name by contacting the utility and doing so. Best practice is for the landlord to then contact the utility and make sure this was done. If we do the contract signing and move-in on a date and time when the utility company is open, we require the tenant to make the call to the utility at that time, in our presence. We have an agreement with our utility companies for the service to revert back into our name in-between tenants after we notify them of a tenant move-out.

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